"a conversation between maker and material"

This is a space created in order to showcase beautiful handmade objects. All are created with the utmost care and are treated as works of art. 

I have a passion for exploring the many possibilities of various materials and am particularly enthralled by the process of creating – the conversation that happens between the material and I. This is where I would like to share these explorations with the world. 

I  come from a family of makers where craftsmanship and curiosity was nurtured from early on in my childhood. My hands were the most effective tools I had to try and keep up with my imagination. 

I collected everything. Saw possibilities in the strangest of places. I grew up with my mothers words of: “Acquire as many tools for your tool box as you can”. 

Now, I no longer collect everything. I have learnt what is worth keeping and what can be let go of, but I still find great joy in little bits of found inspiration. I have more tools now. My hands have learnt a few more languages. But we are still curious, and still basking in the wonder of exploring new things.