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For me – life has a way of running away and getting loud and fast. I find that exploring the link between our hands, our head and our soul is a wonderful way of helping to bring ourselves further back to ourselves. I find creativity to be one of the most generous gifts that I can allow myself to partake in. I believe that we all have the potential to be deeply creative and to create profound things, but I also know that there are often many external and internal factors that cause doubt and consciousness and prevent us from exploring our full creative potential. I believe in making as an act of kindness to oneself. Making has the power to allow oneself a space outside the confines of time and place. It allows for us to be present for ourselves and no one else in the moments that we are making. I believe that making should be about playfulness, curiosity and non-judgemental exploration before anything else.

I teach workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. See below for upcoming courses and classes. I am also available for online and private individual or group classes. Contact me if you have something in mind and we can chat. 



Upcoming workshops


Creative bookbinding

SATURDAY MORNINGS 9:30am – 12:30am (27TH FEBRUARY – 20TH MARCH 2021)

This course will explore both traditional and experimental bookbinding techniques to create artists books. 

Each person is requested to bring an object with them to the first session of the four-week course. This object should be about the size of your palm and could be a sentimental object, a textured rock, an interesting plant – anything that resonates with you.

We will begin by looking at different bookbinding techniques and formats including coptic binding, section stitch, saddle stitch, kettle stitch, zines, and the accordion fold, amongst other more experimental techniques.

We will learn how to make our own books and then fill them by exploring different methods and processes of visual storytelling through the object brought with to the course. The emphasis of the course is to learn how to apply traditional bookbinding processes to create experimental formats.

We will tell stories to each other and to ourselves while investigating the many realms of the meaningful; physical and emotional – verbal and visual.

Origami Paper Sculpture

Wednesday Evenings – 5:30pm – 8:30pm
24th February 2021 – 17 March 2021

This course will look at using creative paper folding and origami techniques to create sculptural works of art. 

This course will cover the basic techniques and principles of paper folding and origami while also facilitating and encouraging experimentation and creative exploration. This course does not focus on traditional origami diagrams that can be followed to create a model – instead it is designed to make use of origami techniques to create your own original paper works and sculptures.

In this course you will learn about:

  • The history of Origami and Paper sculpture.
  • The basics concepts of Origami.
  • How simple and complex modular origami can be used to build sculptural forms.
  • Repetitive origami patterns (Tessellations) made from single sheets of paper
  • How various sewing and binding techniques can be applied to paper sculptures.
  • How mark making can be integrated into all of these processes. 

Emphasis will be placed on meditative and mindful making and creating. All skill levels are welcome.

Winged Earrings

Sterling silver handmade earrings inspired by layered leaves.


Five Band Russian Wedding Ring

Five, thick, interlocking sterling silver bands.


Seven Band Russian Wedding Ring

Seven, thin, interlocking sterling silver bands.


Iris Earrings

Part of our Botanical Collection these earrings are adapted from geometric doodles and inspired by layered leaves. These stainless steel…


Lotus Earrings

Part of our Botanical Collection these earrings are adapted from geometric doodles and inspired by layered leaves. These stainless steel…


Nautilus - Oblique

Hanging paper sculpture, folded by hand. This sculpture is made from a single sheet of translucent paper and has no…


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